Easy Camping Dinner Idea: Simple Campfire Jambalaya


There are not a lot of one-pot meals that feed a large crowd quite like Campfire Jambalaya. This traditional Creole dish is a fantastic blend of seafood, spicy sausage, rice, and flavor. But do not be intimidated, you can easily make this at the campsite with Stanley.


Campsite Jambalaya Cooking

Jambalaya is a dish from Louisiana that is a mix and match of delicious odds and ends from the kitchen. You first start with the proteins. For my Jambalaya recipe, I added chicken thighs, andouille sausage, prosciutto, and shrimp. While this is my favorite blending, you feel free to add what you like! Use chicken breast instead for less fat or leave out shrimp if you don’t like seafood. It is your call. The flavor will be the same! Next is the veggies. You can’t talk Jambalaya without the holy trinity: celery, bell peppers, and onions. This is where the base of the flavor really comes from. Make sure to get some high-quality veggies as this will make sure the flavor from start to finish is perfect.

Up next is the liquids and seasonings.

This includes:

  • Tomatoes
  • Chicken broth
  • White wine
  • Creole seasoning (I recommend finding a local creole seasoning blend so you can taste something from the community, but if you cannot find anything then your local grocery stores should have a great selection) Creole seasoning is spicy and earthy. It is fantastic on shrimp and chicken by itself! I also recommend getting some that do not have salt so you can add that in by yourself.
  • Lastly, you have rice. Long grained white rice is a fantastic rice for the dish. Once you add that into the pot, get ready for a good time!

Let's Get To Cookin’

Campsite Jambalaya

The cooking is actually pretty straight forward. To not let the daunting ingredients list fool you into thinking this is difficult. First, you will brown the proteins (without the shrimp). Next, you brown the veggies. Then you add the liquids, seasonings, proteins, and rice. You let that simmer over the fire till the rice becomes tender. The only last part is adding the shrimp at the last 5 minutes. Once those are steamed you are ready to eat!

Making Jambalaya At The Campsite Or At Home?

Making Jambalaya At The Campsite Or At Home?

This is a simple recipe to make at the campsite. If you are RV'ing or Car Camping, bring along the Base Camp Cook Set and build your fire. It is a fantastic dish to get the kids involved in prepping and watching you cook.

If you are hiking or going for a picnic, then maybe cook at home and put it in one of our Food Jars. It will help to keep the food nice and warm while you are traveling! Either way, you cannot go wrong.

Easy Campfire Jambalaya Recipe

Cooking Details
Yields: 4-6 Servings
Cook: 90 minutes
Prep: 30 minutes
Equipment: Stanley Camp Cook Set & Stanley Vacuum Crock

Simple Campfire Jambalaya Ingredients:

  • 2 Chicken Thighs, cubed
  • 64 grams of Andouille sauces, sliced
  • 32 grams of Prosciutto, sliced
  • 227 grams of Shrimp, seasoned with Creole
  • 1/2 Onion, diced
  • 1 Green Bell Pepper, diced
  • 4-5 Celery Stalks, diced
  • 177 ml Tomato Paste
  • 355 ml of Crushed Tomatoes
  • 2 1/2 tbsp of Creole Seasoning
  • 2 Bay Leaves
  • 473 ml of Chicken Broth
  • 118 ml cup of White Wine
  • 192 grams of White Rice
  • Chopped Parsley, to garnish
  • Oil, as needed


  1. Using a fire starter and some local wood, start your fire. Make fire a medium heat. Place your grill directly over the fire and preheat Stanley Skillet and Pot from the Stanley Camp Cook Set.
  2. Add oil to both pans first. Add chicken to pot and sausage + prosciutto to skillet. Let cook for 3-4 minutes until browned and fully cooked. Pull all meat off and set aside. Pull skillet off and place the pot back over the fire.
  3. Add to the pot the celery, bell peppers, and onion to brown. Stir frequently. Once browned, add tomato paste, crushed tomatoes, creole seasoning, bay leaves, chicken broth, white wine, white rice, and cooked meat. Stir, cover and let simmer over the fire until the rice is soft (about 1 hour). Make sure to stir occasionally to prevent burning on the bottom.
  4. Once done, open up and place seasoned shrimp on top. Cover and let cook until shrimp become white (about 3-4 minutes).
  5. Pull the pot off the fire, garnish with parsley and serve. Make sure to add leftovers into Stanley Vacuum Crock for later or for traveling.


I am the cook & creator behind Over The Fire Cooking. I love traveling the world and being inspired by how fire, food, and people come together.